The offshore companies can be used for operation of insurance and reinsurance. The Ukrainian insurance company is established that founds the offshore reinsurance company. The companies bear the joint responsibility in cases of insurance risks come. The Ukrainian company insures all the property including the property with the minimal chances of dying and spoiling for 1 hryvna on the overrated rates. Then these risks are reinsured in the offshore reinsured company. The Ukrainian company gets the official way for transferring money to the offshore.


If it’s needed the Cyprus offshore company is established, which takes the credit in a reinsurance offshore company. Then the Cyprus company finances the Ukrainian company. The Ukrainian company pays off the credit with the equal parts and pays the interest on credit. By the agreement of double taxation avoidance the interest on credit is tax-free. The Cyprus resident company transfer money on the reinsurance company account. Thereby, money are transferred to the offshore company as the insurance payments, interest on credit and repayments of credit.